Is Your Ping List a Waste of Time?

For the past week or so, I have decided to go through my sites and find out whats working for me and whats not!

And one of the first things I found was a lot of the ping sites I had in my wordpress ping list where not working anymore.

So I decided to go through my big list of ping servers and find out what was working and whats wasn’t.

A couple of things jumped out straight away:

  1. Both technorati and are no longer accepting pings.

Technorati has this announcement on their website ( and the yahoo server, that most of us use for ping is no longer active.

So I would suggest you edit your ping list and remove those two sites, and all variations of them.

Even two of the Google ping servers (.ie and .in no longer accept pings)

So after many days of testing sites, I have eventually come up with a ping list that now contains sites that work (ie: the domains are still valid, and the ping servers report something meaningful).

Out of my list of over 150 ping sites, I ended up with the following list of 83 servers:

You can include if you wish, but I have found pingomatic to be unreliable at times, so I basically ignore it and post directly to the sites that matter.

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