WebPage Titles – The most important on-page SEO factor

seo-going-upJust the other day I was looking through a clients website that had been initially developed by one of the expensive website designer about town and I noticed that every single page in the entire website of 20+ pages had exactly the same title on it.

Not only that, but every page had the exact same meta-tag descriptions and keywords..


Its amazing how many websites have a page title called "Untitled" or "HOME".. Absolutely meaningless page titles!

The title of your page is one of, if not, the most important on-page SEO factor you can easily control that can give you a huge benefit in terms of SEO.

If you can place your primary keyword in the first half of your page's title, your webpage takes on a whole lot of importance in the eyes of the search engines.

You can simply prove this yourself, simply go to Google and type in a keyword such as "dog training" and then look at the top 10 to top 20 listing and see the titles of the pages that come up. See how many of the top listing have the term in their title.Keywords in on page titles

As you can see on the image to the left, I have search for the term DOG TRAINING in Google and I have highlighted the keywords in each of the listings shown.

You will also notice that just about every website has a reasonable short title, generally less than 10 words, with the keywords in the first half of the title.

It seems that words in the first half of the title carry more weight in the search engines than words that fall in the latter half.

So in other words, the first word in the title carries more weight than the last word.

So think about how you are constructing your web page titles, a it can make all the difference to your websites success in the search engines.

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