Top 5 Tips to using Adwords to promote your website

google adwords is one of the most amazing technologies to hit the internet in the past 10 years and is the backbone of how Google makes its billions of dollars.

It makes that money by driving highly optimized visitors to websites that want traffic now and not have to wait weeks or months for SEO to kick in and find out if anyone wants their website's offerings.

1. Use the right keywords
The use of the right keyword can make or break your adword campaigns.
Use a keyword that is too broad will send too many un-targetted visitors to your website and end up costing you a truck load of cash.
Having keywords that are too narrow or specific will result is too few visitors and they may not result in a sale.

Lets use a simple example:
Lets say you are selling a Dog Training DVD,
If you use the term dog training as a keyword then you will get people looking for dog training instructors, people looking for generic dog training information such as school kids, venues doing dog training etc.
In other words you will get a lot of un-targetted traffic with each click costing your $$$
Ideally your best keywords will be "dog training videos", "dog training DVD", or the best "buy dog training dvd"

Some keywords are "money words" others are non=money words.
Money keywords are those terms that people type in when looking for a products or service with a credit card in their hand.
So a term like "buy dog training dvd" is a lot more valuable term that just dog training.

2. How to tell which one of your competitors keywords are working and which one are not.
This is a old fashioned, low-tech technique but it works remarkably well.

Create an excel spreadsheet, and across the top type in dates that are 1 week apart starting from today.
Then down the left hand side, create a column for urls of competitors sites running ads on Adwords.

Then every week for a month or 2, call up the Google page for your keyword and see where each of your competitors are ranking.
You want to know who has moved up and most importantly who has disappeared.

If a competitor was there for a few weeks and then disappears completely, it is fairly safe to assume that they Adwords experience was not profitable and they have given up. The ads that are left can be safely assumed they are making money from their Adwords campaigns.

So visit their websites, copy their landing pages and copy what they are doing because it has proved to be working.

3. Optimization of "Click Throughs"
Just because a visitor lands on your website from an Adwords ad, does not mean the battle is over! Far from it.
Your task is now to convert that clock into some sort of profitable action (like signing up for your newsletter)

Install Google Analytics on your website so that you can track what people do and work out how much its costing you to get a customer or client from Adwords. The figures may stun you. I am using average numbers. Some websites are better, other are far worse..

Lets assume that a click on Adword ad costs you $10 (using that because its a nice round number).
So for every visitor that turns up to your website clicks you ..... $10!
Now lets assume, only 1 in 3 click on your contact us page.
The cost to get someone to that page is .... $30 ($10 x 3)
Now lets assume 1 in 2 people actually fill out the form.
The cost to get their details has cost you .... $60 ($30 x 2)

Lets assume that of those people that fill out the contact us form, you convert 1 in 4 into a $100 sale!
Cost to make that sale .... $240 ($60 x 4)

So what does these number mean?
It means that every person you send from Adwords that buys your product for $100, you make a loss of $140!

So how much do you have to pay to make a profit (keeping all conversion factors the same).
You would have to buy click at no more than $4! ($100 / 24)
Even at $4 a click you are going to make a profit of just $4 ($100 - $96)! That not going to make you rich my any stretch of the imagination.

So apart from reducing the cost per click how else can you reduce the cost per customer acquisition cost?
Try reducing the number of steps and increasing the conversion at each step.
How is one example: Move your contact form onto your front page.

Now instead of loosing 2 out every 3 people who never click through to your contact page, you could convert 1 in 2 people at the first step.

So how does this change the numbers, lets assume you are still paying $10 per click on Adwords.
Every visitor that turns up to your website still costs you ..... $10!
Now lets assume 1 in 2 people actually fill out the contact form now on your front page of your website.
The cost to get their details has cost you .... $20 ($10 x 2)

Lets assume that of those people that fill out the contact us form, you convert 1 in 4 into a $100 sale!
Cost to make that sale .... $80 ($20 x 4)

Wow, that simple action has changed the number from you making a $140 loss to a $20 profit!

Imagine if you could improve the conversion factors in a few other places. Suddenly you can see how you can still make money while others are going broke.

Its time to start thinking a little bit out of the box!

4. What makes a good landing page
The purpose of a good landing page is to make the website visitor do one, and only one thing.. Its to get their contact details!
So have the barest number of links leading away from the page. Google does require you to have links to your privacy policy, disclaimers & contact us pages. But these can be down the bottom in small text.
Don't include a big menu bar along the top. All this does is encourage people to click away from the landing page.

Have a big prominent opt-in box, simple easy to read text, and clear instructions for what you want the visitor to do. Nothing else!

5. Don't send visitors to your websites home page
This is a mistake most beginners do. Don't do it.
Send them to a dedicated landing page.
Have different landing pages for each keyword, so you will soon know what keywords are converting and what are not. So you can abandon the ones that are not.

Keep testing and keep "tweaking" your campaigns and websites to get the most out of every website visitor your receive.

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