The Quick and Easy way to Get the Search Engines to your New Website

running-manThere is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the search engines to find and then index your latest website. But what if there was a quick and easy way to let the search engines know that you have a new website up and running..

This technique works so well that I have had GoogleBot (Google's own spider) hit a newly developed website with 2-1/2 minutes of launching the site..

Not bad hey!!

The technique is very simple, and all we are doing is borrowing a technique that bloggers use every day, except its all automated for them so they don't even think about it..

It called "pinging"

To do it for a static website simply go to : (funny name, great FREE tool)

Then at the onscreen form, simply type in your websites name, and full URL (remember to include the "http" bit) and then hit the submit button. will then "ping" dozens of other ping servers all for you. The search engines index these ping servers hunderds, if not 1000's of times a day, looking for new blog posts.

So once your "pings" go out, within a few minutes one or more of the major search engine bots is visiting your website.

Of course, juts because a search engine visits your website it doesn't imply that the your site will start to appear in their listing. This is a seperate process that can take either days or up to a week before your site is found in the search engines.

At least you now know how to get the search engines to your new website quickly and easily.

Of course, like all FREE search engine optimization tools, please don't abuse this and try to ping every couple of seconds or minutes. This won't make them come any quicker and you are likley to get your IP address banned form the ping servers. So use this amazing FREE service responsibly and properly.

Another ping server worth visiting is :

To find other just search Google, or you can post your favorite list here as a comment.


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