The 7 Best FREE Web Marketing Tools You Should know About

By Bruce Hearder

A few weeks ago I published an article at about FREE utilities and tools available on the web and I got flooded by requests asking if I knew of any more tools. So I decided to go back through my list a favorite bookmarks and find the 7 best FREE web marketing tools on the web, so here they are:

1. Link Popularity Check

Now days ,just about every major search engines rank web pages based on the number of links that point to them. If you want your site to rank well, you must have lots of incoming links. Link Popularity Check is a great FREE windows based application put out by the same people who wrote Arelis (
The program quickly checks how many incoming links each one of your domains have in all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and HotBot. I have not come across any limit to the maximum number of sites you can check at one time.
A great utility you should definitely have.

2. Keyword-Explorer

I must be honest with this one. This is an application I wrote, because I got so frustrated with the existing keyword finding tools out there.
It allows you to find keywords from all the major Overture search engines as well as from Yahoo. Its fast, it is very efficient and it works well.
I use it almost everyday to create Adsense sites and to look for keywords for Adword campaigns.
Its complete FREE!

3. PonyFish

What if wanted to have an RSS feed for your old web site, but cannot run software to create a RSS feed?
Simple.. Just visit and get a FREE account. The PonyFish site will then visit your website, and it will rapidly create a RSS feed for you using your content. It couldn't be any easier!


LiveJournal is very easy to use (ok..maybe not as easy as but still easy enough for a complete newbies to get going within a few minutes.
Blogs have become an indispensable method in getting websites visited by search engines and having a few quality blogs on hand makes the chances of getting your next web projected listed in the search engines much, much easier.
LiveJournal also has a "paid" option as well, but when starting out the FREE option is very good and easy to use.

5. ScanR

ScanR is an absolutely amazing service. Its allows you to send in your images or photos and have then sent back to you in a searchable PDF format (all for FREE !!!)/ Imagine you go to a business meeting where you brainstorm on a white board for a while. You jump up with your trusty digital camera enabled cell phone and take some photos of the white board. While you at it, you quickly "snap" some shots of some proposal paperwork.
Then you email the photos off to ScanR and within no-time they send you back a searchable PDF document of all your information.
Check out their home page for what you can actually do with this service, this is an immensely valuable service.
Bookmark this one..


I'd guess that this site's name was inspired by, but provides a very handy service monitor your web services.
I quote from their website "website and server monitoring service with personalized interactive interface, where you can add server performance and availability tests, get uptime reports, add contacts to get the alert notifications."

It wasn't that long ago that you had to pay $30-$80 a month to have the same service as these guys are providing for FREE. So if you need your web servers monitored these guys could be just the one.

7. CoolArchive

A site that claims to have 4000 icons in 125 different categories. The site does have a lot of advertising on it and the occasional pop up does make its appearance, but if you are looking for an icon for that next software project or for your next web site then this could the site.
If you want to make a favicon (short for favorites icon) for your site simply take one of the icon from and then visit is a free favicon generator that will make your site stand out from the crowd, especially when the visitor clicks on their list of favorites and your site has a distinctive icon associated with it.

All of the tools I mentioned above are absolutely FREE, none of their are affiliate links or anything like that.

I use almost all of them on a daily basis, so don’t waste your hard earned money on expensive tools, use these FREE one.

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