SideWiki Blocker


I've just finished putting the final touches to a new WordPress plugin that blocks comments being displayed in Google's new .

You can download the plugin . Just unzip and copy up to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Once activated it works. To stop it, simply unactivate the plugin.

The plugin is simply a wrapper for the Javascript code that Steve Diamond wrote (), you can download the code at :

, or use it straiught from Google's own site. I prefer having it on my own hosting as it "might go missing" on google's hosting 🙂

There's a lot of concern about Google's new SideWiki "module" that comes bundled with the latest version of the Google Toolbar.

You may be wondering, "If I'm doing nothing wrong, what have I got to worry about?"

A good questions, but it wouldn't take much for your competitors to leave "bad" comments about your website, and as well as dropping links to other peoples websites.

The following image is a screenshot from Google's own toolbar site, see the comments down the side.

Now imagine the comments where left by your competitors, saying:

"Bruce Hearder is a scammer. He stole my money. Never buy from him."

"This product is OK, but found a better product at"

Already the spammers and "grey-to blackhat" brigade are jumping on the bandwagon.

See this and which show what might be in store.

So if your reputation is important to you, then think about Google SideWiki comments toolbar serious!

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