See what keywords are driving traffic for your competitors

Lately I have been using a technique that a friend of mine showed me that makes it relatively easy to find keywords that drive traffic to your competitors website.

The otherday I was toying with the idea of setting up a lead capture page for a local mortgage broker here in Perth Australia.

Becuase the volume of Google searches specificcally for Perth is low, the keywords that BigG gives back is not always true.

But, imagine if I could "peep" into one of the top ranking sites and see what is driving traffic for them. How valuable would that be?

Well its not actually that hard, and our old friend Alexa comes to the rescue on this one:

In the example I talk about above, I was targetting the keyword PERTH MORTGAGE. I wanted to know if more people searched for perth mortgage and than for mortgage perth

So I typed PERTH MORTGAGE into google, and saw the following :


So off I go to and type in the domain name.

mortgage-perth-alexaWow.. check out those keywords. It shows that MORTGAGE PERTH is type in more offen than PERTH MORTGAGE, plus it has thrown up a few other keywords that I hadn't considered. Now, if I repeat this for most of the sites on the front page of Google, I should have  great list of keywords and know exactly what to call my domain name and what sort of content to target.

Plus, I will naturally be checking out each sites backlinks to see where they got links from and try to get a link from those same sites to my site..

Let me know what you think about this idea..