Search Engine Optimization Myths and the Hidden Truth is somewhere

Hi all,

I honestly believe that way too many people believe that the search engines are way more intelligent than they really are..

Remember, the search engines are nothing more than a complicated computer algorithm (forumula).
This algorithm simply ranks websites based on a number of variables, some variable have more weighting than others.

The serach engines, and especially Google have spent millions (if not billions) on their algorithm, and if they now have to start ranking websites based on
what users want to see, and or user voting (like in Social Bookmarking sites) this will have to be viewed as an amazing admission that their algorithm has failed.
BigG has lost the battle against the "dark side of the force".

I seriously doubt this to be happen any time soon! If Ever!

Many of the statements made by the search engines are simply "red herrings" thrown out to the masses to devour without questioning..
They can claim they are going to crack down on a certain aspect of SEO, so they make a statement about it, and within days a huge percentage of the
ill-informed masses are running around like "chickens with their heads cut off" and stop using that technique.
That was easy for the Search engines.. They didn't have to do anytghing.. Just spread a bit of misinformation, and let mass hysteria do the rest.

Sometime its take a bit of common sense to see things are not exactly as the masses make out..

Rant now finished .. 🙂

Take care


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