My Number 1 Way of Getting Links to A Website

number-oneGetting links to your website is essential in getting a good Search Engine listing position.

So here are my fastest and quickest way of getting getting quality links pointing back to mywebsite.

Placing a value added comment on someone elses blog, that contains a links back to your site is an excellent way to get links.

Simply using Google and search for your main keyword . Let say you have a site about dog training so use the following goolge search :

"dog training" comment

Note how I wrapped dog training in double quotes, this make the results be much more specific.

No go through the listings that come back and find quality posts and make comments on the post.

Don't post rubbish like "please tell me what you think of my site at www...." this is not going to get you anywhere.

But read what the post is about and then make a value adding comment.

The vast number of blogs have the "no follow" tag enabled, so these won't have as much link value as those blogs that are "do follow" enabled. But both add towards ytour link popularity and can build significant "real visitor" traffic to your website.