Making Money with Google Adsense

By Bruce Hearder

Using Google Adsense is quite possibly one of the easiest way to make money on the Internet.
Its a way to make money from your website when you don't have:
1. any products,
2. don't want to deal with customers,
3. don't have to handle refunds and customer questions.

All you do is just sit back and collect the money.
Anyone can do it!

So how do we go about making money from Google Adsense?
In its simplest form, Google Adsense places other people's ads on our website (ads provided by Google), and when a visitor clicks on those ads, the customer is redirect away to another site and we get paid. Google is working on other ways for us to get paid even when the visitor doesn't even click on an ad.

If you don't already have a Google Adsense account then apply here

So how do we go about doing it?
First we have to find out what people are actively looking for.
We do this by visiting the major keyword sites such as and Google and look there, or we could go and get a FREE copy of Keyword-explorer ( and use this simple tool to help us find what people are looking for.
Next we visit and find out how much people are prepared to pay for each keyword we found above.

Then if there is enough traffic (>25,000 searcher per month) and its pays enough (> $3 per click in #1 position), then we can start to serious consider this topic, otherwise forget this topic and try another one.

Once we have found a promising topic, setup a domain for this new topic.

My suggestions are that you place the topic in the domain name (so if looking up information about back pain, make sure the word "back pain" is in the domain name).

See for
details on how to register a domain name.

Once the site is up, start driving traffic to the site. the easiest way to do this is via incoming links pointing to your website.
If you would like a FREE list of top quality directory sites that may give you a 1-way link to your site (once your site is approved), then see

Start watching your website stats via AWStats, or whatever tracking software you have installed. Once you see the search engines spidering your site, then its time to install your adsense code snippets on the site.

Lets look at some possible Adsense earnings:
Lets say you created a site that generated $1 per day.

- Thats $30 a month, maybe enough to cover your Internet connection but not much more.
- Lets suppose you create 20 sites in total, each generating $1 per day, that 20 x $1 X 30 = $600 /month.. Looking OK !!

_lets say you got these sites to do $2/day, and you made 100 sites.
That would be $2 x 100 = $200/day x 30 days = $6,000 per month

A very nice earner in anyone's language.

Adsense should not be our sole online business revenue source, but it should be a part of the 6 pillars of Internet marketing


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