Linking Is The Secret Behind Good Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is a network of isolated websites joined together by links.
If no other site ever linked to your site, no one would ever know that the site ever existed.

So links are the "glue" that binds websites together.
Obviously though not all links are of equal. A genuine interesting link found in the text of a high profile web page, will bring in more traffic than a link situated on an page totally unrelated to its topic.
This is the very important rule that most junior Webmaster forget. Web visitors are more likely to follow a link if it's related by topic.

Most search engines have now started to rank the importance of websites by the number of quality websites that point to it. Gone are the days where the search engines would rank site based solely on their "on-page" factors (such as keyword density, placement of H1 tags etc).

The more the number of links that point to a website the more important the search engines start to view that site as. But as we have shown above not all links are of equal importance.

Currently the search engines are placing more importance on one-way links than on reciprocal links. Reciprocal links are done between sites where the Webmaster of one sites says "I'll give you a link, if you'll give me a link" These are great to get your sites initially listed in the search engines, but they do not seem to have a great effect on the long-term success of a site.

One-way links are definitely needed to make a site last for the long term. But getting quality sites to give you a link can be very hard and extremely time consuming.

A good way of getting quality one-way links is via link directory submissions. Here you submit a site to quality link directories and if your site is accepted, they will give you a one-way link from a quality site. Just the sort of link the search engines are looking for.
The problem with this concept is that there are nearly 3,000 link directories out there, not to mention the specialized directories, which come in a league of their own.
Submitting manually to all these directories is almost impossible. Finding the really good ones may take even more time still. The good news is that you will not be the first to experience this sort of drawback. There are semi-automatic submission programs out there that can do the job.

As a warning though, please try staying away from those that make the entire process automatically. Many link directories require a human touch to get you enlisted. The best programs use automation only to a certain degree and prompt you to fill certain information at times. This strikes the best balance between speed and proper submittal.


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