How to Protect Your EBay EPC


If you are creating any eBay sites, and monetizing them using eBay's Quality Click program, then you will soon find that your EPC (Earning per Click) may rapidly fall through the floor because  some low-life scrapper decides to harvest all your sites content.

In doing so his scrapper visits everyone of your affiliate links and so destroys your EPC.

So how do we overcome this..

We'll I have been making my affiliate links with javascript, this makes it a lot harder for a script that searches for links using a function like preg_match_all.

So this is howI do it..
NOTE: Replace all square brackets with appropriate angle brackets to make example work.

[script type="application/javascript"]
function doit()
var a='http://';
var b='www.ebay';
var c='.com';

var d=a+b+c;
[a href="#" onclick="doit()"]JS Click test[/a]

As you can see, the link is fired only on the "OnClick" function in Javascript. As most scrappers don't run the JS scripts, they can see the links.

Then to overcome the preg_match_all condition, the "doit"  function breaks the links up into smaller bits and then re-assembles them at runtime.

Doing this has really help me.

Let me know if this works for you.

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