How To Hide WordPress Pages When Using an Artisteer Based Template


is a fantasic piece of software. It makes it so easy to create wordpress themes, and i am using a theme here on WSS101

But one of the probelms with these themes is that the menu that appears across the top is slightly non standard, and so when you want to hide a wordpress page from the main navigation bar, it not that intuitive to do.

So why would we want to hide a page from the navbar?

I needed to do it just the otherday, becuase I had created a bunch of email signup pages, such as a confirmation page, thanks for signing up page, and the download page.

Of course I didn't want these pages to appear on the main navigation bar, so I had to hide them.

So this is how you do it, you are gonna have to edit your theme files.

First find your header.php file in your theme's folder, and open it in your favourite text editor.

Right at the bottom of the file, you will find a bit of code that looks like this :

Note the numbers in brackets, these are the page id's you wish to exclude. They must be surrounded by single quotes as shown above.

Now upload file to your theme folder.

Now, find and open a file called functions.php (in your theme folder)

No add the bits, shown underlined in red. Save the file and upload to your theme folder.

You should now see the pages hidden from the main navigation menu

Have fun makes landing pages, signup pages and download pages in your Artisteer based themes.

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