How I get between 50-150 one way links per day

[bhtweetthis]If you want lots of links and you don't want to do it the slow old fashioned way then:

"Why not give something away, in exchange for a link back"

We do if for peoples email addresses, why not for links.

It could be any product or service that you create or buy the rights to.

You could also provide a service that people on the web need in exchange for a link to whatever site you wish to promote.

I know I'm being vague here, but I will clarify with an example soon.

I would suggest you find a niche (does not have to be related to your websites topic), and find out what they want and help to solves.

Here's an example:

There are thousands, if not millions of frustrated programmers out there. Each one has written numerous applications but does not have a clue on how to promote it.
So they start down the path that every budding programmer goes down (I did this too when I started ). You turn the software into a shareware app, and look to distribute it on the web and hope to make a killing.

The first place these people go is to software directories to submit their software.

Now.. Imagine you own a software directory.
You will let them add their software to your directory for FREE, in exchange for them giving you a one way link form their website to any site that you onw. (You make them link to any site you want, as long as they give you a link).

I use this technique myself. I own 3 directories, and these budding programmers help make content for me as well as providing an almost endless supply of one-way links.

I get anywhere between 50-150 back links to my sites everyday.

I don't do anything for these links except have these 3 directories.

I have a rotational script so that links are diverted to whcihever site I wish to promote at the moment..

Talk about link building the easy way.

They are all 1-way links and from 1000's of different IP addresses.

So think about giving something away for free in exchange. Its a very powerfull link building tool, and much less effort that writing and submitting 100's of articles