Getting One Way Links to Your Web Site

As most web masters would know, getting links to your website so that you can increase its traffic and web popularity is not an easy task.

There are basically two types of links:
1. Reciprocal Links, and
2. One way links

Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal Links occur when 2 different web-masters agree to exchange links with one another.
It essentially is an agreement where they say to each other, "I'll give you a link if you'll give me a link".
Generaly these type of links are quite easy to acquire.

The most common method of getting these types of links, is to send out hundreds of emails to web-masters that have sites in the same "niche" or "category" as your site, asking if they would be interested in exchanging links.
The success ratio is not high, but it does work.
The problem is that the search engines, in the past few years, have really started to downgrade the value of reciprocal links, and so now more and more web masters are looking for ways to get one way links.

One way links
One way links are a lot harder to acquire, and so the search engines have started to value them much highly.
The best way to acquire one way links are :

  1. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories
  2. Developing quality content that other web master will want to link to.
  3. Submitting your sites to Link Directories.

The first 2 options on the above list are very closely related.
The more unique, topical and easy to read your content is, the more likely you will get other people linking to your website. But other people won't link to you if they don't know you exist! This is when writing articles becomes very important, and its is a strategy I strongly suggest you implement.

But a good way to get your sites spidered and indexed faster, is to submitting your site to link directories.

There are literally thousands of link directories out there, some good some bad.
The best list of SEO friendly link directories is can be found at

Simply click on the "Quick Links: Excel Download" link in the tool bar (just below the banner image) and download an Excel spreadsheet of about 350-400 SEO friendly link directories that you can submit your site to.
Once you submit your site to a directory, there is no guarantee that will will approve the listing! A number of sites will simply turn you down becuase of the sheer amount of listing submission they are receiving.

The only way to use this list is to manually submit your site to each and everyone on the list!
This takes a lot of time, and you rapidly get frustrated typing in the same information over and over again.

So, to overcome this problem I have developed a new software application called ""

Directory Link Submitter allows you to rapidly submit your site to over 300 SEO friendly websites.
All you have to to is click on a directory that you would like to submit your site to, then choose an appropriate category for your site.
Find the "Add A Link" button, and then simply hit the submit button, and your site is submitted to the directory.
No retyping in your site details over and over! Its fast and its a lot easier than doing it all manually and I'm offering it at a 50% discount for all readers.

Simply pop on round to and check it out..


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