Get Any Website Indexed in the Search Engines in Under 36 Hours – Part 4

Getting the Search Engines to Your Website

To get the search engines racing across to your website, we are going to employ a technique that blogs all over the word use on a daily basis.


It’s a silly sounding name, but it basically means it’s a way for one website to tell another website that its content has been changed or added to.

We are going to use 3 different pinging services (both 100% FREE) that will do the job very well for us.

Make sure you have read part 1, part 2 and part 3 before reading this section

1.Ping O Matic ( was one of the original ping servers that in turn notifies about a dozen or more other web sites that a website has new or updated content on it. (

Pingoat is a newer ping server system that does a similar job to pingomatic but does notify other sites as well. ( is one the newest ping servers to hit the web. They ping 90+ different websites, including Google, Yahoo and MSN directly.

So let’s start with and show how easy it is to ping a website. The others, although looking different, all work on the same principal. So if you know how to use one, you then know how to use all of them.

Say for example you have made a post of, and you now want to ping it...

So for our example, let’s say you have just written the following post on Digg

We are only going to use this as an example, nothing else.

So we copy the full URL of the post, and head on over to


Put a title in for the ping, then the full URL of the Digg post.
Leave the RSS URL blank (or the default value of http://)

Then click the services you want to use, I suggest selecting all of them, and then hit the “Send Pings” button.

pingomatic-2Once this is complete, then move onto the next social book marking site and, as they say in the TV ads, its simply a process of “wash, rinse and repeat”.

It’s that simple.

All you are doing with this process is getting links to your website and telling the search engines to visit these links and come visit your website.


I have tried to make this set of blog posts as "to the point" as possible and I have discussed the methods and strategies that I regularly use to get any website I create indexed in the search engines.

Do bear in mind that sometimes the search engines can be “fickle” and not behavior normally. So sometimes you can get a site indexed with a few hours and other times it may take a few 4-5 days before it will appear.

So, all you have to remember is to:

1.Get Links to your website (I have given 35 places to get links from)
2.Ping the links
3.See how fast you can get your site indexed.

Of course, this won’t guarantee you the coveted #1 search engine position, but at least you can have your site in the search engines and working for you.

Getting a better ranking position is for another blog post.

To Your Online Success!


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