Get Any Website Indexed in the Search Engines in Under 36 Hours – Part 2

The Recipe:

To get any website indexed and listed in the search engines you need two (2) major ingredients in the recipe.
1.Having enough content on the site for the search engine to figure out what your website is about.

2. Having a way for the search engines to even find your site and decide to even bother to visit it.

Make sure you have read Part 1 of this guide before readining this part.

Part 1:
I'm not going to go into a detailed explanation of website content, but I just want to say that your website must have enough text content, with your main keywords spread through the text.

Remember search engines can’t read images and videos. So a website with lots of pictures/videos on it and very little text will rarely if ever get indexed and appear in the search engines. So make sure you have enough text based content on your site.

Part 2:
This is the area that this post covers.

The best way for a search engine to find your site is via a link on another site -  preferably a website with high authority that gets visited by the search engines regularly – if possible dozens of times a day.

Then we need to tell the search engines to visit the links on these authority sites and then they will visit your site.

So this is how we are going to do this:

1.Get  5 to 10 one-way links on high PR social bookmarking sites (I’ll show you which ones)
2.Tell the search engines to visit these links , by pinging the links on the sites
3.Watch your site get indexed in the search engines in the next few days!!

It's that easy, so let me show you which sites to get links from and how to ping your sites.

I'll cover that bit part 3..

Read part 1 here first

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