Get Any Website Indexed in the Search Engines in Under 36 Hours – Part 1

small-how-to-get-any-website-indexed-in-the-search-engines-in-36-hours-ebook-coverImagine the following scene:

You just spend days and days creating a great new website. You’ve agonized over the graphics. Checked the spelling and grammar of the site a dozen times and the site is now finished.

So you sit back and wait for the search engines to visit your website and start ranking your website in their listings.

After a day or so, you decide to check if the search engines have indexed your site.
So you decide to test Google first.

You type the following command into your web browser:


And check the number of pages it shows up.

NOTHING!!So you wait a few more days, and do the test again.

Still nothing!!

A couple of weeks go past and still nothing!
You are now getting seriously dejected and want to give up on the site altogether.

All that work, time, effort and money invested all completely wasted.

It doesn’t have to be like that!

There’s no secret to getting a site indexed in the shortest possible time, you just have to do the right steps at the right time and things fall into place.

It’s a lot like making a cake.

If you don’t have all the ingredients mixed together in the correct sequence, with the correct quantities of each ingredient, you may or may not get a cake at the end...

But if you followed the recipe as written down, then at the end of the baking process you will have a cake.

Getting a website indexed is almost exactly the same.

So let’s get started …

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