Finding More Keywords Using Google Suggest

A common question I get asked over and over is ..

"How do I know what people are typing into Google?"

Funny enough most of the people asking this question know how to use the Google External Keyword tool and Google's Keyword tool inside the Adwords control panel.

What they are looking for are additional keyword ideas. The long tail searches that people do that may not show up in the other keyword tools.

My suggestion to these questions is ..

"Use Google Suggest"

Try the following :

Lets pretend we are looking for topics around the term "dog training"

Start and start typing in the term dog training..

Using Google Suggest to search for keywords

Using Google Suggest to search for keywords

Its will almost immediately come up with a few keywords for you. Now lets try something interesting:

Add an additional letter to the search term, starting at "a" and progress through to "z". And for each letter see what is returned. Lets try it for "A" and see the results:

Using Google Suggest with One additional character

See the different keywords returned. Try doing this for all letters between A and Z and you could collect hundreds of additional keywords for you to consider.

Also try going back to the root keyword (in this case its DOG) and do the same search and you will come up with all sorts of related and a lot of unrelated terms. There are tools & scripts out there that can help you automate this process, but try doing it manual first up and see what keywords you come up with.

Google Suggest is your keyword friend 🙂


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