Find Over 10,000 sites that want to give you a backlink

Everyone is looking for an easy way to get backlinks to our website, and just this morning I came across and an absolutley "ripper" of an idea, that has opened the door to over 10,000 websites that I can get backlinks from. Even if only 1/2 of them agree, thats still a lot of back link juice for your website.


These are white hat sites and the website owners are very happy to have your link on their site.

Still Interested ?

Ok here's the secret..

A lot of people are constantly looking for new content to post into their sites/blogs.

And one of the more common ways of getting content into a WP blog is to join up with Uniqe Article Wizard.

This is a great service, but they have one "flaw" if you can call it that( and its not even their own fault).

So how can we capitalize on this so-called "fault" and get backlink for ourselves?

UAW sends a test post to new blogs when they first join up and most people forget to delete this test post. So all we have to do is find these test posts and compile  a huge list of blog owners that want your original content.

Simply send the author an email, asking if they want original content that is NOT in the UAW system (most will kill for unique content) and then send them the article to post when they say OK

It couldn't be any easier !

So how do you find these UAW test posts?

We look for blog posts that look something like :


All I do is search for the text string :

"Congratulations on joining our community! The Unique Article Wizard is the best and easiest way to receive unique content for your site. Here is some important"

Click this link (it just opens up Google in a new window using the text string above) and see for yourself the websites that are returned.

So, now you have no excuse now for not getting backlinks to your website.

Let me know what you think of this idea?

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