Monthly Archives: November 2012

Google’s Human Reviewers and Your Website

Yesterday evening a post appeared on TheRegister discussing how it had come across a "supposedly" secret manual from Google that it provides to “human reviewers” to manually evaluate websites with.

Most people believe that Google’s listing are ranked according to some sort of mathematical equation and would never think that the position of your website is determined by a human reviewer. The answer is somewhere in between.

Finding More Keywords Using Google Suggest

A common question I get asked over and over is ..

"How do I know what people are typing into Google?"

Funny enough most of the people asking this question know how to use the Google External Keyword tool and Google's Keyword tool inside the Adwords control panel.

What they are looking for are additional keyword ideas. The long tail searches that people do that may not show up in the other keyword tools.

My suggestion to these questions is .. Continue reading

10 Steps to writing SEO friendly content

Late last week I was asked how to go about writing SEO friendly content for a new website that was about to be launched ,tt’s definitely not rocket science and if you remember to do a few key things, the search engine spiders will love your website even more because you are giving them everything they want.

The steps to writing successful SEO friendly content are: Continue reading