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Get Any Website Indexed in the Search Engines in Under 36 Hours – Part 4

Getting the Search Engines to Your Website

To get the search engines racing across to your website, we are going to employ a technique that blogs all over the word use on a daily basis.


It’s a silly sounding name, but it basically means it’s a way for one website to tell another website that its content has been changed or added to.

We are going to use 3 different pinging services (both 100% FREE) that will do the job very well for us.

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Get Any Website Indexed in the Search Engines in Under 36 Hours – Part 3

Where to get links from

We need links from 5 to 10 sites. You can submit to more site if you have the time, but 5 to 10 will do nicely for now.

I’ve managed to put together a list of 35 of the best social bookmarking sites that will give you the quickest results.

So choose 5-10 sites, register an account at each of your selected sites, and post some content about your site to each site.

It doesn’t have to be a 500 word article that you write, but it must be worthy of inclusion. So aim for something between 50-150 words. Don’t go over-do the sales pitch for the site, keep in relatively low-key.

So here are the 35 sites and their PageRank as calculate in February 2009

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Get Any Website Indexed in the Search Engines in Under 36 Hours – Part 1

small-how-to-get-any-website-indexed-in-the-search-engines-in-36-hours-ebook-coverImagine the following scene:

You just spend days and days creating a great new website. You’ve agonized over the graphics. Checked the spelling and grammar of the site a dozen times and the site is now finished.

So you sit back and wait for the search engines to visit your website and start ranking your website in their listings.

After a day or so, you decide to check if the search engines have indexed your site.
So you decide to test Google first.

You type the following command into your web browser:


And check the number of pages it shows up.

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Is Your Blog Creating Duplicate Content without You Even Knowing It!

stop-hand-signMost bloggers know about the duplicate content penalty, and do their best to avoid placing commonly available information on their site.

But what most bloggers fail to realise is that their blog is creating duplicate content without them even knowing it.

So what is the duplicate content penalty?
The "duplicate content penalty" is a filter or penalty that is thought to be applied by search engines (such as Google, Yahoo etc) to duplicate that it deems to be a duplicate.

So the more unique your content is the better your website will perform in the search engines.
You may be saying, "that’s all fine and dandy, but I write all my own content, so I should be safe!"

Your blog might be generating duplicate content without you even knowing its happening!
Let me show you how this might be happening:

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